First off all this is a genuine „Thank you note!” to all and each of you people out there that have made BENEFIQ possible.

Some of you know all of us (Anca Iulia Bratu, Sorina Gianina Crisan & Mihai Olaru). Others don’t (yet :)). We are your former service providers, bosses, colleagues, partners, account managers, friends, competitors, advisors, acquaintances, clients, family members, etc…. in no particular order or preference.

We want you to know that you are part of our decision and determination to take BENEFIQ as far as each of us and all of us together as a team can possibly imagine. And since we are so happy with our NEW BEGINNING we felt you should get the benefit you deserve as real contributors. Most of the times, we all seem to ignore the impact each of us could have in someone’s life; for us this is not the case. When deciding to start BENEFIQ we first remembered you. So we want to take a moment to thank you and to remind you about the unlimited power each of you possesses. May you always use it wisely!  🙂


BENEFIQ exists because:

  • Some of you consider we are great professionals while others think the opposite
  • Some of you trust us while others don’t
  • Some of you believe in our way of doing things while others don’t
  • Some of you have pushed us out of the comfort zone while others have tried to fit us in a box
  • Some of you have asked us to be more flexible while others asked for more standardization
  • Some of you have advised us to do what we love while others have recommended us to focus more on loving what we do
  • Some of you have said IT WILL NEVER WORK! 🙂

BENEFIQ is HOW we have decided to react to all of the above but more important BENEFIQ is WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. Us 3 being together means this power amplifies!

In the coming months we will launch a series of unique services and products. We are most confident to use “unique” because each service and product will have a “personal touch” inspired by you and dedicated to you. Some of them will may even turn out to be best sellers – you never know (but we do :)). It will most definitely be something different in the market.


We hope you will follow us in our journey, even if as simple observers.

We would also highly value any feedback, interest of joining our team, referral and why not requests for proposals (after all you know at least some of our capabilities).

Thank you all and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

May we meet again! J

Anca, Sorina & Mihai